Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Brief Introduction

Illustration completed with Graphite.

Hello all! my name is Fabio Paolucci, i'm a human being hailing from Bletchley (Milton Keynes). This blog is a place where you can explore my 'work'... that's it.

Above is a  CD/DVD box set. We were asked to rebrand (way back when i was still at college, 2010) and give Psychedelic Rock new identity for the new age. Seeing as psychedelic rock was influenced by the ecstasy of psychedelic drugs decided the new face should instead be influenced by the ecstasy and euphoria of human and sexual indulgence.

The reason iv'e decided to start with this particular project is because i feel this is when it all began (not life, i didn't come out of the whom waving this project around but the start of my path into design).